The Vision

The Town Council, via the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have created a vision for the Neighbourhood Plan:

  • We aim to make Bewdley a vibrant, exciting, accessible town founded on the town’s history, character and picturesque setting
  • We want to build on our past to guide our future and make Bewdley a Bright, Better, Brave and Balanced place to live, work and visit

The Neighbourhood Plan is an important document which gives the people of Bewdley a real say over future development in the town. Through community consultations and collaborations, we have created the draft plan to see Bewdley’s planning and land use needs and requirements established for the next fifteen years.

The purpose is to ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan:

  • Refines and clarifies how Wyre Forest District Council’s planning policies and the emerging Local Plan should be applied to development proposals that affect the town of Bewdley
  • Set out specific development objectives for certain defined areas within the Town
  • Document a number of aspirations that are intended to help determine the suitability of possible future development proposals.
  • Set out local design principles for new development.
  • Set out a number of policies that should be considered in relation to specific types of development that may be proposed in the Town

Through the six objectives and the corresponding policies, we believe that we have established the necessary structure for the town to develop according to the wishes of its residents through these areas:

They are;

  • Managing housing supply
  • Protecting the countryside
  • Preserving heritage and character
  • Jobs and the local economy
  • Improving the infrastructure
  • Community and wellbeing
Severnside North

Severnside North