Protecting the Countryside

flood-risk-icon-2Flood risk and water management

Bewdley has historically suffered from large flooding events. This is due to the proximity and relationship of the town to the River Severn. In recent years  Bewdley has benefited from multimillion pound flood defences along Severnside North and South, which demonstrates the pressures from flooding experienced within the town. The east side (Beales Corner) is protected by demountable defences managed by the Environment Agency.

Further reading: Click here to download a PDF of our Flood risk and water management storyboard, for much more information.

green-infrastructure-iconGreen infrastructure

The natural environment is far more extensive in area than the housing development in the Bewdley and Wribbenhall Ward Boundary area and include a diverse range of natural features and characteristics. The rich geology and the varied natural environment, with significant and diverse features, dominates this area. There are several watercourses in addition to the River Severn, areas of Special Scientific Interest, Greenbelt and significant areas of landscape beauty within the plan boundary. The plan area includes a middle course river valley, narrow flood plain meadows, sandstone escarpments, farmland, small holdings, coppice, forest and a nationally significant area of ancient woodland to the western boundary.

Further reading: Click here to download a PDF of our Green infrastructure storyboard, for more information.

wyre-forest-iconAccess to open spaces and the Wyre Forest

There is good road accessibility to many of our local open spaces, but this is patchy. Good river bank paths leading from the Dog Lane and Gardener’s Meadow car parks are well maintained but are quickly reduced to eroded river banks which are often impassable and rarely suitable for buggies and wheel chairs. There is potential for good circular routes and access by walkers and cyclists but this is prevented by poor maintenance and inadequate trails especially into the Wyre Forest.

Further reading: Click here to download a PDF of our Open spaces and Wyre Forest storyboard, for more information.

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